My name is Claudio, i'm a photographer

I was born in Switzerland in 1967 from Italian parents. I started this job almost by chance, starting only later to be serious: in what I do, I love taking care of every detail, putting everything myself.

I decided that my training had to start from the basics: so I attended the shops of the best photographers to catch the secrets, the tricks of the darkroom, learn how to manage the light.

So I choose to get away from the Veneto with destination Milan, and then New York. Always with the desire to learn and learn, I begin my journey to improve myself.

At this point I understand that this is my way: a road that I had just started to travel, because, as in all professions, the continuous search for perfection is the solution to move forward.

The hard work is rewarded by both national awards (QIP 2002 and 2004 | Qualified Italian Photographer), and international (selected in 2006 for the international exhibition in the event “L’Eté des Portraits”, QEP 2013 | Qualified European Photographer, Distinction Award 2015 organized by FEP, the European Federation of Professional Photographers).

Today I work with a team of professional craftsmen and I dedicate myself to the training of new photographers, to whom I transmit my same passion, in addition to the tricks of the trade, as in the past it was done with me.

In my everyday life I am a The Family Man with my wife Donata, born and raised in Milan, and our three children: Anna, Maddalena and Giovanni. In my free time I can cut out from my family and my profession, I dedicate myself to cycling, an individual and team discipline that allows me to continue to have fun and challenge myself.

Conegliano, in the province of Treviso, is my “starting point”.
Here I live with my wife Donata, and my three children Anna, Maddalena and Giovanni
and here is my artisan image activity.

From Conegliano, a town full of lovely views, we can easily reach the most beautiful and romantic city in the world, Venice.
Less than 100 kilometers away we are on the queen of the Dolomites, Cortina d’Ampezzo.

In the district of Conegliano we find the amiable and stupendous Asolo,
the walled city of GiorgioneCastelfranco and Montebelluna, a small shining pearl between the plains and the Montello hills.

In the vicinity of Conegliano, 30 kilometers away, we can easily reach Pordenone and Belluno, two cities steeped in history and positioned in beautiful natural settings.

Moving away a little further from the center of my world we find VicenzaPaduaUdineTriesteVerona. Splendid cities of north-east Italy that contain history, harmony and small great views where you can tell your love through images.

Obviously, I will come wherever you need my services…

My awards

My passion and years of study are rewarded with the victory of national and international competitions on the portrait:

First prize National Photographic Exhibition “Marco Zancanella” (May 30, 1994)

Certification of Professional Quality for the technical skills demonstrated in the Photography of PORTRAIT – QIP (March 18, 2003)

Certification of Professional Quality for the technical skills demonstrated in the Wedding Photography – QIP (March 14, 2005)

Selection and certification of participation in the 5th European Biennial 2012 “L’Eté des Portraits” – Bourbon-Lancy (15 July 2012)

Qualified European Photographer Wedding Photography – QEP (December 8, 2013)

Certificate Distinction Award – FEP (2015)

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